Four tips for dating in the summer

Four tips for dating in the summer

We always tend to say that summer is the ideal season to meet new people. But for all that, who said that a summer love was bound to be a one-night adventure?

If from July 15 to August 15 (roughly), France is idling, it is not the case of your hormones. Neither of those ladies. Here are four useful tips for meeting this summer: one-night shots or great love. Yes, with a big A. If so, we believe it.

The beach, the solution of “ease”

Seduce a young woman by the beach: easy. So easy. The beach is the open-air dating club. The open space of the summer dredge. Everything is possible on the sand, provided you are not entirely gothic (it does not stand up to the sun, a Gothic).

Try the cream and the vampire. Materials needed: sunscreen, and a spirit ready to improvise. You go to your nearest neighbor (the most beautiful, as long as you do), and you explain to him that you are a vampire and that you need a little help to spread your sunscreen; otherwise you burn. With a smile, of course, it goes, or it breaks.

If the impro approach seems too complicated, you still have the most natural version, which will cost you 20 euros investment for the summer. Buy yourself a beach volleyball and go. Invite your neighbors: “Cuckoo girls, it tells you to come to play with us? We do not train for the Olympics, we will not rate as Mr. Blanchard EPS teacher not lovely, but we lack the world, come, come! ” All with a smile, as usual.

Paris, always romantic

The advantage of this solution is that it allows you to stay in Paris if you are Parisian. And if you live elsewhere, well, it will enable you to come to Paris, it’s beautiful too, right?

In Paris in the summer, we find everything: penniless students, hard workers, but also lost tourists. Yes, you are lost in the feminine. It is the Swedes, the English women and the Americans on vacation that you will have to fill in the streets. You can tell them the road they are looking for or the direction of the Arc de Triomphe.

But do not settle for that. You’re a classy guy; you know where to go out tonight. You know which evening you have to invite them to pass for the cool guy.

Of course, you know how to draw your phone to record their contact information quickly. Feel free to spread layers on the authentic, the real Parisian. Abuse clich├ęs, it’s good to seduce tourists.

The supermarket, a place of unexpected drag

Yes, who would have thought? Dragging into a supermarket is possible. To do this, call for help – in bulk.

The season of fresh fruits, melons, pineapple, and peaches should allow you to get to know the sublime young girl who knows a ray. You see her, she touches a little with everything, with an assured look. Go ahead, do not worry.

Talk about it: “Hello miss, I have the impression that you know how to choose fruit, my sister asked me to bring back quality melons, but I do not know how to do it! Life is in your hands If I bring back bad products, it will probably send them back to my head, and considering the size of the melons, it scares me, you help me against a coffee? “

Author’s note: this dredge technique works less well in the pizzas and biscuits section.

If ever the young woman in question sends you a ball, you can try with the cashier. But without doing too much, huh: you probably will not be the only one to have this idea!

The pool, as at the beach or almost

summer date

If you can not afford a vacation, you can always get out of work a little earlier to swim a few laps.

The principle of sunscreen remains valid, but for the pool, prefer splashing instead. If you swim very fast, you’re going to splash the girl in front of you, and then excuse yourself flatly: “Sorry, you were too slow, you did not eat this afternoon, can I invite you to come and eat chips with me?”

You also have the opportunity to get in touch with a girl directly by winnowing: “Not lousy swimsuit, my grandmother looking the same. Did you buy where? Come, we’ll talk at the bar.”

If you are rather tanned on the edge of the pool, go frankly. Right to the point: “Tanning font, please, tanning not regulation, you’re too tanned, we’ll have to give you your secret.”

With all this, you should be able to make a few touches at the risk of taking a few jackets. In any case, good summer to all!