Female body language signs she likes you

Female body language signs she likes you

It is often said that men come from Mars and women from Venus. So necessarily with a distance of 120 million kilometers, understanding and communication are not always obvious. Men are more discreet and reserved about their emotions, while women tend to be real balls of feelings. Only they are malignant and know how to hide their attraction to the opposite sex with skill when it suits them. Focus on their small flaws that will allow you, gentlemen, to know if they pinch for you.

Once again, it’s the body that says long!

And yes! In human beings, body language is almost more critical than articulated language. It is therefore not surprising to find that, like men, women betray their feelings by their way of being.

For example, if she touches her shoulders or arms in front of you, it is because she tries to “simulate” unconsciously the contact of your arms on hers. In other words, she wants you to take her in your arms! But this is still a little abstract and risky. One thing is for sure: a woman who pinches it for you will get as close to you as possible physically.

She will find any pretext to be near you and to initiate contact (hand on your shoulder, put back a button of your shirt). Still something very revealing: she bites her lips. If she does that, she wants to draw your attention to this part of her anatomy, and it’s far from trivial!

Look at me if you dare!

Unlike you gentlemen, who can not help but fix the woman of your dreams when she speaks to you, a woman in love will find it extremely difficult to look straight into your eyes.

If it tends to look away after a few seconds, do not see indifference but attraction! You will also notice that his gaze will never be fixed on anything specific and that he will tend to flit from one point to another throughout the conversation.

She is not bored; she is upset, you make him the effect! And do not forget, like men, women’s wards are good indicators of what they are feeling for you! You see, they are not so complicated as that to understand!



Guys, these gestures do not deceive! On the other hand, know.

You will have to be attentive and above all, able to recognize the slightest clue from Madame. By the way, in addition to gestures, you can help you talk about how you speak and react to what you are telling him. Depending on her temperament and character, she will often agree with you.

Otherwise, she will explain her disagreement in an argumentative and delicate way. If you do not feel aggressive in telling yourself that it does not agree with you, then you will probably lose your time because it is certainly not crazy about you.

Also, if it cracks for you, it goes without your jokes, even the most rotten then try to make the following experience, but be careful not to turn into a ball at the risk of running away!

Also, remember that a woman in love will do everything so that you see in its best light while you are told before to put forward in his postures and his dress, it is that she is in love with you.

Observe it also from a distance. You are in the right place, for example, if you are a good example. This gesture is valid for ALL women, so do not neglect! Also, if she seeks you and you are also in love with her, do not run away, her opposite, on the contrary, does not deserve to smile too! It reassures and will build confidence to be more expressive towards you!

These are mostly the gestures of a woman in love. With that, you will be able to identify whether or not she is crazy about you quickly. Again, beware of special cases, but remember that the eyes and body never lie! If you come across a person who is on the defensive or who is shy, did not defeat right away and try to look for more signals. Finally, with that, you will certainly more, and above all, you will know what Madam feels for you.

Remember to pay attention to her eyes and to say who is emerging from her eyes, how to touch and touch herself, and finally, how they stand and stand to you.